Season 2,

Episode 11 (Season 2) – #TMI With Sweety & Pappu

July 03, 2016

Sweety and Pappu kick off a new season of Chuski Pop with a sansani khez, tell-all drinking game.

No, scratch that.

Actually, all that lassi, vodka, whiskey did its turn on Sweety. For now, she is teetotaler. But nevertheless, us being the oversharing binches we are, we would like to depart with a lot of deeply personal shiz about us – like, what would our cocktail equivalent be, or which is Sweety’s #1 track on her ‘lauv’ #mixtape, or when was the last time Pappu felt insignificant… stuff like that.

And, just when you thought this was freewheeling, we careen onto BREXIT, we talk Britney circa. 2007, we talk SATC, and discourse at length on the topic of soulmates.

So, listen up ya’ll, ’cause this is it, the beat that I’m bangin’ is de-lici-ous…

Outro Soundbyte from movie – Souten Ki Beti, 1989, starring Rekha


“Which do you think is more gross? Toe jam or belly button lint?” – Pappu

“The last thing that really pissed me off is rompers. Why would you wear a garment that is so impractical, where you have to take off your whole outfit just to use the washroom!” – Pappu

“Every time I paint, I go a little bit insane. I have this maniacal energy that I can only express through art.” – Sweety


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