Season 1,

Episode 2 (Season 1) – Breaking The Ice

August 20, 2015

Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone (for our non-Desi listeners, it’s a festival celebrating a brother’s love for his sister)! For the second episode of Season 1, your Desi girlfriends, Sweety and Pappu revel in their love of Indie Music. Sweety declares Priyanka Chopra the one and only Wonder Woman and feels anyone with a rebellious soul should watch the movie, “Straight Outta Compton. Pappu tells us about her new radical hairstyle, and about a Nigerian pastor that performs miracles, and finally asks the profound question, “If you were a chair, who would you want to sit on you?”


“Can we start our own cult? We’re Indian, people will listen to us, especially if we talk about yoga, chakras and say Namaste every two seconds!” – Sweety

“Katti-Batti are gang signs for friends / enemies. These are the essential social functions to be a well rounded adult.” – Pappu

“I’m glad big butts are back in, because I totally have a big butt!” – Sweety


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