Season 1,

Episode 3 (Season 1) – The Friendship Episode

November 06, 2015

In our third episode of Chuski Pop, Sweety and Pappu discuss the intricacies of friendship, specifically, Best Friendship. Studies have shown that female friendships are crucial for our mental health (hey, you can’t argue with science). Basically, in this crazy patriarchal world, us girls need each other for support and love so we can fight the good fight and be there for each other when we need it.

So get comfy, grab your bestie and listen to the hosts talk about the importance of strong friendships between women, or as we’ve affectionately titled them, “Bra-mances.”


“I have friends for different things. They cannot be one nation, they’re like a bunch of islands, and I live within this ecosystem of islands.” – Pappu

“I think this week’s episode is a friendship love letter between each of us. It’s a Bra-mance!” – Pappu

“My best friends are like my army, for when the revolution comes and I have to take over the world!” – Sweety

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