Season 3,

Episode 34 (Season 3) – The Virginity Issue

June 04, 2017

Do you remember your very first time? Of course you do. Maybe it was spectacular, maybe it was everything you ever dreamed of, maybe your head felt like it was exploding with glitter… or maybe you just felt all of this when you bit into your very first Cinnabon.

For most of us, the first time we had sex was probably just meh. Like, the only thing momentous about it is what it is how momentous this moment was made out to be in our head before it happened.

 For this episode Sweety and Pappu talk about their very first time. Far from being something that could rival E. L. James’s rich inner fantasy life, it was everything else. It was messy, funny, awkward, and probably just so average.

 India is a country where men outnumber women by 35 million – there are 940 females for every 1000 males. Yes, it’s pretty bleak for Indian men. However, they seem to be oblivious to this.

 Us Indians have a special preoccupation with virginity. And that too just with regards to women. Just like in the case of menstruation, being a virgin is also associated with purity. Sweety and Pappu discuss why virginity is still a very big deal in India. So important in fact, that some women go as far as to get plastic surgery to reconstruct a broken hymen. While on one hand a sexually active man is called ‘experienced’, an unmarried sexually active woman is labeled as a ‘slut’.

 We traverse the landscape that is virginity in India and talk about the bizarre (tests of purity) to the silly (displaying of the blood stain on marital bedspread post marital coitus).

 Also, stick around for Chuski Pop’s Practical Advice for ‘Your First Time’. [Bonus: Sweety Didi’s star Instant Virginity in a Box product recommendation!]

 Whether you want your first time to be on your wedding night or before that, it’s up to you. Just know that we got your back, gurl.

 Much love!


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