Season 3,

Episode 36 (Season 3) – Mid Year Review

July 03, 2017

We’re here in the middle of 2017. A giant freak weather storm has not erased us; neither has an authoritarian state of Gilead been declared. For this episode Sweety and Pappu look back at the past six months and share with you our three main learnings so far.

Before we dive in though, we decry the mob lynchings of minorities that have sparked up around the country and say #NotInMyName. 

Amongst all the ugliness that fills the top of our newsfeed, it should be little surprise if we gravitate towards the fluffier news of the tabloid variety. Bey had twins – yay! That’s little joy we can use in our daily day.

Also, Sweety and Pappu have an epiphany about their true selves, are you Hermione or Cookie Lyon? Find out more about yourselves like we did – Read about it on ManRepeller.

This may well be the lightest Chuski Pop episode yet… and we wanted to keep it that way. Enjoy the show!

P.S. We need your help for an upcoming episode – as an offshoot of our Virginity Episode (Episode 34) Do you have a funny, meh, embarrassing story of how you lost your virginity? Share with us – slide into our DMs on Insta, Facebook or email to us at We will be reading them out for our upcoming episode (they will be shared anonymously of course).

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