Season 3,

Episode 41 (Season 3) On Exploring The New Desi Identity Through Fashion

September 09, 2017

September is synonymous with a few things – that Green Day song, Beyonce’s birthday and The September Issue. If you’re not familiar with the last, it’s the 2009 Vogue-centered documentary. The September Issue is kinda like the fashion Superbowl.

For this week’s episode Sweety shares her uncomfortable relationship with fashion in the past, and what set her on the path of her personal style journey. We talk about the new wave of young Desis who are expressing their Indian identity through fashion.

In our exploration of the role fashion plays in shaping your identity and vice-versa, we touch upon the movement towards non-gender specific fashion (Ranveer Sigh in a gaghra… YES, please!). We talk about how fashion is more than just clothes and how they can be a medium of rebellion – think the Khadi Movement, punk, goth and more. Pappu shares the surprising origin story of the Indian Saree Blouse.

It is predicted that by 2030 we will be using two Earths worth of resources, this makes it all the more important to make the switch to ‘slow fashion’. What is that and how can you do your bit – we talk about that. Sweety talks about her favourites lewks from the recent Lakmé Fashion Week. And finally, Sweety and Pappu share list their favourite Desi and international fashion designers.

But first, an important question: is Beyoncé manglik (cursed astrological sign)? Why do we ask? Well, tune in to find out!








Quotes from the show:

“Men that aren’t afraid to wear a skirt are so damn sexy” – Sweety

“We are not just copying the west, the young people in India are expressing their own aesthetic” – Pappu

“Desi women used to wear the saree without a blouse. – you know, being like Rihanna, before Rihanna.” – Pappu

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