Season 3,

Episode 42 (Season 3) September Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today’s Pigeon News + Interview with Param Sahib

September 24, 2017

This month’s Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today’s Pigeon News is brought to you by garama-garam (spicy) adrak chai and onion bhajia (fritters)!

As we prepare to say bye-bye to summer, (or the rains if you’re in Mumbai) get ready to say hello to fall. It’s also bye-bye to flip-flops, shorts, and no-pants weekdays, and hello to cable-knits, tights and jumpers.

For September’s Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today’s Pigeon News episode, we welcome the new season with a fitting ode to Fashion: an interview with influencer, designer and the human equivalent of a kaleidoscope – Param Sahib @parambanana. During this interview, we explore Param’s fashion, view his muses and his inspiration through his mirror-crusted rose-coloured glasses. Tune in to hear this NIFT alumnus and Mahish Arora protégé break down his psychedelia-drenched style aesthetic for us.

 ALSO, this week we give out another Show the Bhindi (Ladyfinger) Award (it’s been a while). The proud recipient is none other than the one-woman anti-nepotism-in-Bollywood army, actress Kangana Ranaut.

Other things that also get a mention: Simran, Dandia, Deepika as Padmavati, the 2017 Emmys, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Handmaid’s Tale!

So, call up your girlfriend – the one you’ve been meaning to catch up with – and book a Netflix-and-sheet mask-and-gossip night with her, and put us on while you wait for the pizza to arrive.

OK, Byeeeeeee! 🍭


Sound bytes from Himatwala (1983)

This episode includes a 7 minute clip from the tv show “Aap Ki Adalat” feat. Kangana Ranaut


Quotes from the show:

“At least once in your lifetime, take a solo trip by yourself, and discover who you truly are.” – Pappu

“My brand is an extension of my own personality. If I don’t wear it, you won’t see it in the brand.” – Param Sahib

“For me, nothing is too much.” – Param Sahib

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