Season 3,

Episode 43 (Season 3) Halloween Special

October 08, 2017

For this week’s episode Pappu & Sweety read out stories of some very eerie, spine-tingling and inexplicable happenings that you, our listeners, have submitted to us. Now, all of these stories are personal experiences, which we think makes them extra creepy. We bring you four stories, from a demon possession, an exorcism, to a spectral sighting and then some more…

We all love a good scare, and despite the advance in CGI, nothing delivered a good scare like those 90s movie. Just like the name ‘Yash Raj Chopra’ makes you think of gauzy chiffon sarees billowing against a backdrop of Swiss Alps, the name ‘Ramsey Brothers’ makes you think of plastic-y red blood, puurani havelies and avenging aatmas with unfinished business… all these and more were the hallmarks of 90s camp horror every desi kid grew up watching. For this ‘spooktacular’ episode, Sweety & Pappu talk about their favourite 80-90s Bollywood horror movie.

Before we dive into our special ghost storytelling episode, for effect, we want you to imagine us all sitting around a crackling campfire, hot cocoa in hand and your bestie by your side. You hear the low whistle of the wind in the trees and maybe a distant owl calling somewhere…

P.S – Before we jump right into this episode, we would like to make an appeal to all our listeners to donate for the Rohingya refugee cause. Conflict in Myanmar has forced over 480,000 Rohingya people to flee their homes to Bangladesh. The UNHCR is working tirelessly with its partners to provide these refugees with lifesaving aid. Even as little as $20 will help buy sleeping mattresses for two families. Donate here –


Sound clips from Purani Haveli (1988), Veerana (1988) and Hocus Pocus (1993),

Quotes from the show:

“I don’t have enough reasons to justify my belief in ghosts, I like not being too sure about everything, you can always be surprised.” – Pappu

“Every 80s Bollywood horror movie always had a haunted Mansion, a cemetery and an old woman named Mrs. Braganza.”  – Pappu & Sweety

“Clowns are so scary! No offence to any of our listeners that are clowns.” – Sweety

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