Season 3,

Episode 44 (Season 3) October Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today’s Pigeon News + Interview with Hriday Ranjan

October 23, 2017

Time for this month’s Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Pigeon Mail! In recent weeks the general direction of all things ‘news-worthy’ has been different shades of 💩 , however this month we’re off to a great start – Beyoncé released a new video to mark the International Day of the Girl. Though any track on the Lemonade album could be a fitting anthem, she picked Freedom. Featuring feisty little girls from all over the world lip-syncing to Queen B, this rabble rousing track packs just too many feels to contain in a sentence. Incidentally, on the same day the New Yorker posted that explosive Harvey Weinstein piece. This encouraged countless other women to come forward with their own stories – one of them who is also the recipient of this week’s Show the Bhindi Award (our special Lady Finger Award).

Plus, we talk about the #MeToo social movement which has women sharing their own stories of sexual harassment and abuse.

Finally, we end with an interview with Hriday Ranjan – the keystroke behind his eponymous blog When he is not navigating the thin line between bullshit and cow doodoo, he shares with us what being a feminist ally should look like. Our freewheeling conversation We talk Tinder dates, fragile male egos, dating older women, 70s Malayalam cinema, #420, and a range of things… until we remembered ‘Hey, we’re recording all of this! Lol’. Point is… we may just bring him back on the show as our token Go-To Guy. 💖

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