Season 3,

Episode 45 (Season 3) The Single Girl’s Guide To Surviving Wedding Season

November 05, 2017

November brings in its wake cooler evenings that you can enjoy with chai and onion bhajis, but it also brings a wave of wedding invites. Weddings can stir up a special kind of social anxiety among single desi girls. Nothing, not even the promise of a smorgasbord of all-you-can-eat chaat counters and an open bar can quell the unease of navigating that aunty-minefield that is a desi wedding.

For the next better part of an hour we are going to lay down some practical steps that will get you mentally prepared so that you can own this thing. We want you to shashay in there like Kareena in a Kevlar choli. You got this!

Sound Clips from Love Love Love (1989) and Bade Ghar Ki Beti (1989)


“Indian weddings are like ‘raise the roof and bring the house down’ kinda weddings.” – Sweety

“Make sure you dress sexy when attending a wedding. The goal is to make sure at least 3 aunties give you a judgemental side eye, and have one uncle stare at your boobs while trying to hold a conversation with you.” – Sweety

“We are wired to judge ourselves against others, that’s why the wedding of a close friend can be such a breeding ground for angst.” – Pappu

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