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Episode 46 (Season 3) November Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today’s Pigeon News

November 18, 2017

It’s Sweet November, folks! So, best to enjoy this episode with some garma-garam aadrak-wali chai.

We start off with the 10th annual Queer Pride march that just happened in New Delhi.

2017 is really turning out to be the year all our favourite celebrities let us down. Remember when we hated 2016 for killing all the famous people we loved? Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker article has had a butterfly effect – reports are coming in of white men in power in business being called out for their behavior towards women, or for not doing enough. And while Hollywood is a festering puss, Bollywood is a septic tank when it comes to the toxic work environment women have to put up with. Priyanka Chopra’s mom talks of the sleazy directors her daughter had to put up with.

Pappu & Sweety review the movies we watched – Mother! (ugh), Ingrid Goes West (💓) and the trailer for Basmati Blues (Hollywood, can we please stop with the fake Indian accents? It’s 2017 for God sakes!).

Black excellence is having its moment now – we’re talking the new 2018 Pirelli Calendar. Also Chadwick Boseman makes a point on his deliberate non-European accent as Black Panther in the movie we are breathlessly waiting for.

Finally, we have a Show the Bhindi (Show the Ladyfinger) Award to give – our very last one for 2017. Sweety tells us why Pussy Riot is the deserving recipient for this week’s award.


Sound Clips from Pyaar Mein Twist (2005) and Dillagi (1999)


“I always thought that my dating life had to be like the movies. I try to manufacture the beauty of serendipity by writing the magic of moments that would otherwise naturally happen.” – Pappu

On sexual assault and the Weinstein Effect: “If Hollywood is like a festering pus, then Bollywood is like a septic tank.” – Pappu

“I really appreciate how the Black community push their narrative to be in the spotlight. I wish Desi’s could take more stories that are traditionally Eurocentric and make it their own.” – Sweety


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