Season 3,

Episode 47 (Season 3 Finale) #TMI with Sweety & Pappu

December 03, 2017

December allows us the vantage point to sit and reflect on the tire-fire of a year that was 2017. As promised, this week Sweety and Pappu will run each other through a series of questions designed to reveal the inner workings of our tatti minds – we call it our #TMI, or Too Much Information round.

But before that, we will share our personal best and worst moments from 2017. Finally, not to be missed – in true Chuski Pop tradition, Sweety and Pappu play a round of Kill, Marry, Fuck (or Maar, Byaah, Chodh 😝)!

Also, stay tuned till the end of the show for a special promo code you can use to get a discount on some bomb-ass Chuski Pop prints!

Finally, finally a BIG Thank You and gheeli walli pappi 💋 to all our listeners – thank you being part of our 2017 journey, we cant wait to share with you all the exciting things we have planned for 2018 ☺️

Not to forget, here our Chuski Pop Naughty Christmas Party playlist. Listen now on YouTube.

✌️ 🍭

Sound Clips from Kasam (2001) and Honeymoon (1992)


“Being single has been the most challenging thing for me this year. It’s all about being comfortable with yourself so you don’t forget the feeling of togetherness even if you’re alone.” – Pappu

“Advice for men in 2018”: talk less and listen more! – Pappu

“This year, I’m grateful for my therapist. If life gets too tough, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Therapy is a great way to heal old wounds that may be holding you back.” – Sweety

“This year I decided to put myself first. I like being a selfish bitch. It’s good for my health!” – Sweety


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