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Episode 29 (Season 3) – March Aaj Ka Kabootar + Interview with Fiza Jha

March 26, 2017

Hello, and welcome to yet another Aaj Ka Kabootar episode. Those of you who’ve joined our chia-pakoda party late, and are trying to hide that mild consternation over the name of this episode – may I please direct you to our February Aaj Ka Kabootar. Like the pigeon message carrier of yesteryears, our monthly Aaj Ka Kabootar episodes brings to you an appetizing array of tasty morsels of stories that cooked up during the past two weeks (are you catching all those food analogies? I’m hungry!).

As you know, our new format for bi-monthly shows now includes one themed topic and one current/pop culture infused Aaj Ka Kabootar episode per month. So, without further ado… let us interrupt your day just like this little internet sensation did, for her dad. BBC interview gaya tel lene. Tbh she is legit Sweety’s spirit animal. No fucks given.

While we are on the topic of giving fucks and making apologies, guess who else has no fucks to give – our desi kween (no, not Priyanka) Kangana Ranaut. Sweety and Pappu discuss the mirchi pakoda of a firecracker episode she had on Koffee with Karan, in an otherwise tepid as English tea Season 5 of this show. It seams that KJo may have bit off more than he could chew, which is why he spat our words like ‘nepotisim’ and such like. Our advice to him is to administer to himself some much needed isabgol to cure him off his constipation – or better still, Sweety advises him to eat a dictionary 😐

However, for the rest of us, let us eat cake! Why, you ask – coz’ guess who just celebrated her birthday – albeit on the SAME DAY AS KANGANA – Pappu! Huppy B’day to Pappu!

Spring babies are the best! Also, happy belated Holi to you guys! Talking about Holi – Sweety talks about the #ConsentBeforeColour campaign.

Did you know that the chances of you making a Nobel Prize-winning discovery is more likely at the age of 40? A new infographic by Business Insider lists the peak age for a range of milestones you are likely to reach in your lifetime – everything from salary peak to remembering faces.

Sweety and Pappu also talk about the mess and controversy surrounding the Thinx – a feminist startup specializing in manufacturing high-tech underwear – which finds itself at the receiving end of employee exploitation complaints. We also talk about why #BoycottTVF is trending. Also, WTF is going on in UP?!

If all of this is such depresso news, then wait! Maybe better stuff in the Entertainment section. Looke here – Beauty & The Beast just got released…! Oh ok. Right. Never mind.

Here’s ending at a sweeter note though. For this episode we have a special guest on our show– Fiza Jha. We catch up with this young scribe who at the young age of 22 writes for the uber progressive When she is not banging out her observations on pop culture and writing about the next big thing in desi art, she shares with us what her escape strategy would be if stranded on a deserted island with Aditya Roy Kapoor 😍 (who is btw totes patotes #1 cutie).

Hope you enjoy the show! Peace ✌🏼 & kisses 😘


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