Season 4,

Episode 48 (Season 4) Spirituality: The Millennial Edition

January 21, 2018

Happy 2018, you Poppers! (Wait, does that sound wrong? We’re trying out something new) We know its already the last week of January but technically we’re allowed to wish Happy New Year for the whole of this month.

At Chuski Pop we’re are all about new challenges, and so we are kicking off our fourth season with some heavy lifting (not literal, but metaphysical). In this episode Sweety and Pappu talk about why millennials (Pappu included) find themselves drawn to astrology, horoscopes and forms of divination. Is this spike of interest in astrology stemming from a deeper need for introspection, which in turn is in response to a very chaotic 2017? We are living in a time in history when young people have a much diverse vocabulary to express their sexuality and gender – perhaps our views on spirituality could use that same broad scope of definition.

So, allow us to take you on a little ride. And why not carry along some sage and rose quartz while you at it!

Sound Clips from:

– Sanam Bewafa (1991) and Love Love Love (1989)


“When there’s so much uncertainty in your life, it’s comforting to have a small glimpse of what may be coming your way.” – Pappu    

“In Hindu astrology, your birth chart will determine your name. As you’re going to sail the ocean of life, your name is said to be a strong boat that guides you through it.” – Pappu

“To me there’s nothing more spiritual that feeling centred, grounded and rooted.” – Sweety

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