Season 3,

Episode 26 (Season 3) – Make V-Day, U-Day!

February 11, 2017

SO HERE WE ARE. Happy February! And a very happy Birthday to our Aquarian and Piscean listeners! The five weeks since this year started, we’ve seen some bad news and some awful news. Basically just a lot of news in varying shades of tatti, to the point where I cannot be on Twitter for more than 10 minutes. After that, my soul needs heavy resuscitation which can only be brought out by looking at videos of cats on Instagram. I have managed to do that. My current favourites are this, this and this.

An old Chinese curse comes to mind, “May you live in interesting times”. And interesting times it is… While on one end I wake up to a fresh hell everyday of what is going on in Amerika… on the other hand, the internet has also provided us with some respite with this gem, and this very pissed off Pakistani aunty.
For this week’s Show The Bhindi Award we sought out that shining beacon of hope. In keeping with the theme of the month, which apart from being * eyeroll * a month of love, it is also celebrated as Black History Month. Our STB award recipient is very much a kween who deserves to be recognized: Christine Mann Darden. And also out other kween, Beyoncé gave us her pregnancy announcement (which raised the International Happiness Index overnight).
As per our new format, this week’s episode is Feelin’ Myself February!
Whether you are single as a Pringle or are happily coupled up, Sweety and Pappu give you their special list of how you can make this month special for yourself. Make V-Day, U-Day!Alternatively, did you know that one enterprising soul has also declared 14 Feb as Happy Parent’s Worship day? Sweety, traces the bloody history of Valentine’s Day before we jump into our Self-Love Regiment. Now, before you think it’s something very PG 13 like exfoliating and meditating… brace yourself, ‘coz Sweety has something else in mind….

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