Season 4,

Episode 50 (Season 4) February Feels: Radical Self Love

February 18, 2018

Hope you guys had a happy Hallmark Day on the 14th! For our special February Feels episode Sweety & Pappu dive deep to bring you some truth nuggets about Radical Self Love. This episode has been a tough one for us because both of us have had an arduous journey towards self-love. Pappu gets down to the root of it, to deliver a definition of ‘love’ that all of us could use (with help from bell hooks). According to bell hooks the word ‘love’ is often described as a noun, but it should rather be used as a verb. Sweety is close at hand to offer her tried and tested 4-step radical self-love rituals that have helped her after years of therapy.

Also, we give out our very first Show the Bhindi Award (Show the Ladyfinger) posthumously to the phenomenal activist Asma Jahangir.

Wait up until the end coz Sweety will be sharing her Audio Tonic recommendation (or her tasteful February Feels music suggestion) – this one goes out to you suckers for Ed Sheeran and the likes.  Sweety picks out her favourite Jeff Buckley tracks that you need to have in your music library if you like to call yourself ‘alternative’ or ‘indie’ (is that word still cool?)

Peace out!




“Telling someone to cheer up when they’re feeling depressed is silly. Depression isn’t a button you can just switch on and off.” – Sweety

“Indians are afraid to talk about their depression because of the social stigma and fear of what people will think of you.” – Pappu

“The season changing is such a marker of time passing, and I feel depressed and panicked if there’s nothing changing in my life.” – Pappu

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