Season 4,

Episode 51 (Season 4) March Aaj Ka Kabootar / Today’s Pigeon News

March 04, 2018

Happy Holi everyone, spring is finally here! On this week’s March Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Today’s Pigeon News, Sweety and Pappu kick off the episode with a tribute to Sridevi.

Last week, we lost the one true queen of Bollywood. She danced her way into our hearts as Hawa Hawai and Chandani. As Sweety said, it feels like losing a part of your childhood… We celebrate her legacy by sharing our favourite Sridevi moments.

In other news, Gucci swims turb-u-lant waters with its fashion faux pass. Sweety talks about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India while Pappu talks of the very meme-worthy moments of Justine Jr. Also, do not miss –  Sweety practicing her colonizer accent. Word on the street is that the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding extravaganza will host a 1000 ‘commoners’ too!


“Bald women aren’t represented enough in pop culture. We need to see different kinds of femininity, the world needs to have different definitions of beauty.” – Pappu

“Somehow living in a world where Sridevi doesn’t exist just doesn’t feel right.” – Sweety

“The fashion house Gucci, crossed the line for their 2018 collection by letting white models walk down the runway whilst wearing Sikh turbans, without knowing the racial implications or the history behind the turban. This is just another form of cultural appropriation.” – Pappu


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