Season 4,

Episode 55 (Season 4) May Aaj Ka Kabooter / Today’s Pigeon News

May 09, 2018

For this weeks’s episode, our mix bag of Aaj Ka Kabootar aka Today’s Pigeon News stories starts off with our Show the Bhindi Award (Show the Lady Finger) – to deserving Lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat, we talk more about her badassery and why she is a force to recon with.

Next, Sweety shares her favorite moments from Michelle Wolf’s address at the Correspondents Dinner. Moving on to entertainment, we talk about Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer, Drake’s new video and Cardi B’s first album. And stay till the end for Sweety’s announcement of our special guest for our next Mental Health May episode (hint: its someone a LOT of you requested we bring back!)


“How is being Anti Hindu more important than the tragic loss of Asifa Bano?” – Sweety

“Remember the Obama era? When it seemed like America was finally get its shit together?” – Sweety

“Why isn’t there a Bollywood version of the Golden Girls yet?” – Pappu


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