Season 4,

Episode 56 (Season 4) May Mental Health Awareness With Dr. Almas Merchant

May 26, 2018

What better way to end the month celebrating mental health than in the company of Dr. Almas Merchant? Yes darlings, we have her back by popular demand! In case you happen to have just joined our little party, then double mazza for you – you get to listen to her on our Season 3 episode too. Dr. Merchant is a kickass clinical psychologist who practices in NYC. Her work specializes in trauma, as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy. She specifically works with queer people of color, which makes her perfect to answer our questions, specifically those related to everyday homophobia, racism and sexism and how they contribute to negative mental health.

She also helps answer a few of our listener questions (how to stick to therapy and not quit it midway and more).

Episode Includes Bonus Gyaan  on topics like… How to keep sane when Tindering + How not to be like Ingrid (from Ingrid Goes West) + More!

Quotes from the Episode:

“The compounding effects of racism, sexism and homophobic can be very traumatic on our mental health.” – Dr. Almas Merchant

“The less we say, the more we are hurting ourselves.” – Dr. Almas Merchant

“Therapy isn’t easy! It’s a painful introspection of our deepest insecurities and trauma. It’s terrifying stuff!” – Dr. Almas Merchant

“Take the time to shop for a good therapist. It’s like trying to find a good hair stylist or a good yoga teacher. Those things just don’t come along. You have to have some bad haircuts first!” – Dr. Almas Merchant


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