Season 3,

Episode 30 (Season 3) – Our Dirty 30 Episode!

April 09, 2017

Welcome, welcome! So here we are… We’ve reached a milestone where no fucks are given. The best thing about turning 30 is that you you’re not in your 20. I don’t know about you, but ours were a blur of painful relationship lessons, trial & errors, and Braille-ing your way to figure out stuff. And boy! Do we have a fitting episode for you…

But first, we have our coveted Show The Bindi Award to give. Our proud recipient for this week’s STB award is Gurmehar Kaur. Sweety & Pappu talk about why you need to know about this feisty 20-year old student from Delhi.

Sweety talks about her special date night which included a dreamy marionette puppet show. Tip for all of yous who’re happily coupled up – theatre is more interesting than a movie and dinner. Pappu, on the other hand (happily single-ing) got to play dress up for a Comic Con – hear about how that was like.

From the entrées, moving on to the mains… so, in keeping with the Adulting 101 theme of this episode, Sweety was thinking of calling this our “Eat, Pray, Love” – but I say, ‘thanks Elizabeth Gilbert, but no thanks!’. Lets give it a CP update and call it: Khao, Piyo, Majaa Ni Life!

“Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more.”

In case you’ve been following us on Instagram @chuskipop you might have chanced upon our Insta-stories last week… No, we were not hacked. Yes, those flower monologues were the imaginings of a stoned Pappu in Kathmandu.

Talking about milestones, Pappu was able to accomplish another milestone – her first ever solo vacation trip. In this episode we talk about the importance of finding yourself through travel. Also, we will be talking about tattoos – coz it’s a beautiful way of self-expression.

Also, the month of April is Dalit History Month. Sweety talks more about it and has a book recommendation: “Untouchables” by Narendra Jadhav.

Tune in and find out more! ✌️

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