Season 4,

Episode 57 (Season 4) June Aaj Ka Kabooter / Today’s Pigeon News

June 10, 2018

Coming up on our June Aaj Ka Kabootar, we talk about the recent spate of celebrity deaths – trigger warning: suicide mentions. We talk about the tragic death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain by suicide – Sweety shares why his sudden death was such a personal blow to her.

Taking a cue from our May mental health awareness episode we will be talking about suicide – what are the warning signs to look out for and how to respond to a friend or loved one who is in need of help.

Next, in honour of father’s day this month, we have a special segment at the end of our episode – Sweety didi’s does a compilation of her Top Bollywood film-y fathers!

🌈 Also, happy Pride Month Y’all 🌈


“The truth about today’s world is people have busy and solitary lifestyles and the social pressure can be too much. Your cushioning and your support system matter a lot – they absorb a lot of your daily stresses in your life.” – Pappu

“If you can, make sure that everyone that is close to you is aware of your mental health status, just in case you have a depressive episode and need them.” – Sweety

“Remember, suicidal thoughts are often a plea for help. They are a very desperate reaction to escape from your pain and problems.” – Sweety



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