Season 4,

Episode 59 (Season 4) August Aaj Ka Kabooter / Today’s Pigeon News

July 29, 2018

Heloooo, hello! We are back from our month-long break! And how have we been using this time? Well, glad you asked because we have been living our best life, making memories and creating stories – stories that we can share. And boy, do we have a stack of fresh stories to tell you guys! In case of Sweety, she has been solar charging her batteries at a beachside vacay, after she is done canoodling and canoeing at a cabin in the woods with her fiancé (YES BISHES! You read THAT RIGHT! 😍 💍 I told you we had stories to tell!) Pappu has a personal-life update to share too, though not as dramatic 😛

BUT DRAMA –  we know that’s what you guys have tuned in for. SO, we lets dish some – we’re talking THE engagement or our fav desi girl Priyanka 🏽 with the dude who used to sing on Disney channel. A new M.I.A documentary is coming out and Sweety is excited about it. We talk about Matt Groening on his Apu criticism 😒 and share our fav summer shows to watch.

Leaving the best for the last – our latest Show the Bhindi (Show the Ladyfinger) award recipient – 27 y/o Kenyan activist Nice Nailantei Leng’ete – tune in to find out how she affected life-changing change for 15,000 girls in her Maasai community.

Enjoy! ✌ 💖


“FGM is not a religious practice, it doesn’t benefit the girl in anyway. It only benefits the men who assert their power of women’s bodies.” – Pappu & Sweety

“Until women are completely safe, men have collectively failed us. We are not against individual men, but what we are against is the system of stripped off power and perpetrated abuse against women.” – Pappu

“Americans turned Steve Jobs into a messiah, for making a phone.” – Sweety


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