Season 1,

Episode 6 (Season 1) – Happy 420!

April 19, 2016

Happy 420 everyone!

Where Pappu and Sweety celebrate their heritage as people who really knew how to fucking chill before it became a thing. You know, like, guzzle some bhang and try some kinky Kamasutra… before the East India Company crashed the party and ruined everything! [Bonus content: Pappu stumbles upon the perfect recipe for Bhang Chuski Pops!].

Also, like all good trips this one gets a little meta once Sweety describes her experience of Ego dissolution…

So, blaze a J, turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…

(Statutory Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery during the listening of this episode.)


“We should have our very own Bhang stall (Indian cannabis drink) at the next Cannabis Festival! We could make bhang popsicles, bhang cupcakes and bhang ice-cream!” – Pappu

“In our old Hindu texts, the word “Bhanga” (Cannabis) is often mentioned as an antidote to help with mental health issues like anxiety.” – Sweety

“Before the British invaded India, all we were doing was smoking up and having orgies. They brought along their antiquated ideas of chastity and sobriety, and basically didn’t allow us to have fun anymore.” – Pappu

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