Season 4,

Episode 60 (Season 4) What’s Your Love Language?

August 18, 2018

Welcome to yet another exciting, interesting, educating, entertaining episode – sorry, we are a week late! (It had something to do with the one half of this duo being technologically challenged)

And, if you’ve been paying attention you will notice that this is our special DIAMOND JUBILEE EPISODE! 💎 Woohoo!

So, apart from being the strongest substance known to man, a diamond is also used to seal the deal, ya know. Make it offish. Marilyn Monroe sang about them, and so did Beyoncé. But that’s enough about diamonds, you know what’s cooler in a relationship – its communication. And languages form the basis of communication. But what if you and your loved ones spoke two different languages to communicate your affection to each other? That’s where The Love Languages come into the picture.

For this episode, we will be talking about the five key love languages that have the power to mend, break or nourish a relationship.

Sweety and I will be sharing our results on the Love Language Test – and we will be talking about some practical ways YOU can use your test results for to better understand yourself and communicate your needs to your loved ones. Also, bonus add on – Sweety will be giving her garma-garam fresh review of Crazy Rich Asians – the first Hollywood movie featuring an all-East Asian cast.

So tune in!

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