Season 1,

Episode 7 (Season 1) – Thou Shall Get Her Own Money

May 06, 2016

Managing your money, is like getting that root canal operation you keep putting off – yes, it’s a pain but ultimately vital for your health. Keeping track of your moolah is not scary, or hard! Trust Pappu, she managed to convince Sweety that budgeting can be as fun as blowing bubbles in the park.

Lend us your ears, and let us show you the strong, financially independent and sassy bish you can be. Coz’ we slay! Oh-kay…

Soundbyte from movie – Agreement, 1980 starring Rekha


“When should one start saving? My reply to that is, yesterday!” – Pappu

“Indian women must take the control back into their hands, and being financially independent is the way to do it.” – Pappu

“Keep some money aside to donate to charity. This will earn you some strong karma points in life.” – Pappu

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