Season 1,

Episode 9 (Season 1) – On Taking A Social Media Detox

June 04, 2016

We check in on Sweety as she reports from her current break-up from social media. They were not good for each other, and it brought out the worst in her at times. But they are working on their relationship and maybe, just maybe… they might get back with each other. For now, Sweety is a free bird. Her iPhone has enjoyed battery levels unheard of during its lifetime and no longer suffers from phone-acne (trust us, that’s a real thing).

Plus, we share out thoughts on the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp saga, Tanmay Bhatt’s Snapchat (, Udta Punjab ban (, and why Bollywood and Feminism need to get introduced to each other.

Intro and outro sound clip from movie – Madam X, 1994 starring Rekha


“After seeing other successful artists on Instagram, I started questioning my own artistic merit. I didn’t feel like I was a good artist anymore. My self worth was tied to how many likes I was getting. ” – Sweety

“Twitter makes me feel like I have major FOMO. Like I have missed out on a trend or missed out on a major piece of pop culture conversation that’s going on.” – Pappu

“Getting bored is good. You’re brain has to be in a fallow state so it can regain it’s creativity.” – Pappu

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