Season 6,

Episode 94 (Season 6) Interview with Debjyoti Saha

September 10, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to a brand-spanking new episode of Chuski Pop! This week on episode 94, we interview artist, visual storyteller and filmmaker Debjyoti Saha.

We pick his brain about animation, his film making process and even what his favourite pizza topping is! And finally we wrap up the episode with an update on the witch hunt on Rhea Chakrabortty and discuss the toxic culture surrounding her arrest. So tune in!

A quick intro about our guest for our listeners: Debjyoti Saha is a well-established artist, animator, visual storyteller and filmmaker, and recently rose to viral fame when his animated series, KORONA was viewed widely and favourably all over the globe. He’s already been featured in various publications including the Wire, The Vibe and the Hindustan Times.


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