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Imaan Sheikh

If you’ve spent a good part of your life consuming BuzzFeed listicals, quizzes and memes, chances are you’ve come across her work. Or if you’re a meme connoisseur (like us), you’ve probably been hooked on to her work from her early blogs, where she’s dragged our 90’s and early 00’s Bollywood favs by their chuddies… (herehere and here). Or that time her blog gave voice to our collective rage at the wonton murder of Qandeel Baloch by her family. GUYSSS, WE FINALLY GOT HOLD OF IMAAN SHEIKH FOR A HOT MINUTE.

And we had sooo much to ask her… Tune in to listen to her talk about cancel culture, the power of female friendships, her fav hate watches, handling internet trolls and much, much more!

Plus, catch our review of #MissionMangal and some filmy gossip!

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