Two Desi chicks riding the fourth wave of feminism in our salwar kameez and golden heels, while flipping the bird to aunties and bringing you stories from far-away lands and from our own matru-bhumi. Tune in to our podcast every second Saturday to hear us share our adventures, staying woke and generally not going gentle into the night. And oh, we love rainbows, glitter stickers, cats, man buns, dudes with impressive facial foliage, and would wait for an eternity if that meant that we could finally make ‘fetch’ happen. Not sure if you like us yet? Bish, we like your BFFs here!

About Us


Artist / Co-Host

Born with a rebel heart and a soul blacker than the beads on your mangalsutra, Sweety is the brain-child and co-host of Chuski Pop, she was raised in the Middle East and often spent her childhood in India during the summer. She now resides in Canada.

Sweety loves cats, marijuana and making bad art.


Writer / Co-Host

Wistful, doe-eyed, and every boy’s “manic pixie dream girl”, Pappu is the ice-cream to Sweety’s gulab jamun, the ying to her yang, the very essence that is Chuski Pop. Born and currently residing in the Middle East, Pappu spends her time looking fabulous, working as a full-time copywriter and being a fierce feminist. She visits India at least twice a year.

Pappu loves neon lipstick, Margret Atwood and dancing the night away.

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