About The Show

Chuski Pop is a fortnightly podcast hosted by Sweety and Pappu. We’re just two Indian chicks riding the fourth wave of feminism in our salwar kameez and golden heels, while showing the middle finger to aunties and bringing you stories from far-away lands and from our own matra-bhumi. Tune in to our podcast every second Saturday to hear us share our adventures, staying woke and generally not going gentle into the night.

And oh, we love rainbows, glitter stickers, cats, man buns, dudes with impressive facial foliage, and would wait for an eternity if that meant that we could finally make ‘fetch’ happen.

Not sure if you like us yet? Bish, we like your BFFs here!

The Hosts



Born with a rebel heart and a soul blacker than the beads on your mangalsutra, Sweety is the brain-child and artist of Chuski Pop. She loves cats, cannibas and creating bad art.



Wistful, doe-eyed, and every boy’s “manic pixie dream girl”, Pappu is the ice-cream to Sweety’s gulab jamun, the very essence that is Chuski Pop. Pappu loves fashion, travelling and dancing the night away.


Chuski means “popsicle” in Hindi and Pop stems from “pop culture.” The podcast represents childhood nostalgia, but in the hands of a precocious Lolita it turns into something dangerous and suggestive all because in our primarily patriarchal society any phallic-shaped fruit or food can mean only one thing. Imagine us as precocious Lolitas sucking hard at our kalla-khatta and kachi-keri flavoured golas, giving zero f**ks but plenty of death stares to tharki uncles.


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