Season 1,

Episode 1 (Season 1) – Let’s Talk About Weddings!

August 01, 2015

In the first ever episode of Chuski Pop, listen to Sweety and Pappu talk about marrying young, picking up guys at weddings and passing their marriage “expiration date.”

♥ Indian school girl beats up her harrasser –

♥ Shahid Kapoor’s veddy preeeettty wife –


“I was nervous when you asked me to do the podcast. It was a mix of fear and excitement. Like I really do this? Will people like the sound of my voice?” – Pappu

“The process for arranged marriage can be reductive. You are reduced to your qualities on paper, like your education, your height, your weight, it’s basically quantifying everything!” – Pappu

“My family isn’t very traditional. My mother said she’d rather see me die alone than have an arranged marriage for me!” – Sweety

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