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7 Podcasts by Indian women on various topics that you can listen to anywhere at any time!

 Being a woman in these times can be taxing. In the midst of balancing work and home, living independently, craving friendship (heartbreaking) and the challenges of online dating (the worst), it can be emotionally and physically draining.Not to mention, feeling like you’re the only one going through hell.

I can attest to the comfort a girls-only huddle up can be in times like these. Remember calling your best friends over, crying, laughing or just doing nothing. A lot of healing can happen by simply listening to each other and spending some downtime.

Podcasts are a fresh way to lend an ear to fellow women, their experiences and their take on life. I personally love a good mouthy, feminist, funny, world-hating podcast right in the morning to let me know that the world is indeed screwed on wrong and take it from there.

Below, I have some more Indian women-based podcasts based on a variety of themes. Take your pick and chillax.

Books & Beyond by Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D’costa

In this popular podcast, Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D’costa uncover stories behind iconic books. From personal experiences to research methods, insecurities to publishing journeys, they discover what drives India’s finest authors to pen their works.

Get an editor’s perspective on how books reflect the true realities of life and society. Tune in for some great writing tips, and book or podcast recommendations.

Books and Beyond is streaming on Apple Podcasts,, and Spotify.

Vison-Nari by Swati Rawat

Hosted by Swati Rawat, Vision-Nari seeks out visionary Indian women and invites them on the podcast to discuss their lives, objectives, motivation, inspiration, and the story behind their unique vision.

With produced 40 episodes, Swati herself is a visionary with side hustles as she works as Brand Partnerships Manager.

Vision-Nari is streaming on Apple Podcast, Spotify,, Saavn, and

Real Talk with Smriti Notani

Smriti Notani through Real Talk aims to tackle difficult topics such as mental health, taboos, and grief. She also covers lighter topics like bachelorette parties, creativity, and social media etiquette with her trademark boldness.

A lifestyle writer and blogger by profession, Smriti was born with a desire to be authentic. She intends to explore themes that are a part of every Indian’s life but are neglected.

Real Talk with Smriti Notani is streaming on Gaana,, Saavn, and Apple Podcast.

N.R.I Woman by Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire

NRI Woman started as a Facebook community page in 2017 for South Asian NRI women to discuss their shared experiences, such as the difficulties with the move and what it’s like to assimilate into new cultures.

The page also addresses mental health, making friends, a lack of support systems, raising children as a single parent, addiction, and other important topics. Bettina Tauro and Ninorah Brookshire are the show’s hosts, both of Indian origin.

Ninorah is also the co-founder of Naya Jeevan Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists women and girls who have been victims of sex trafficking in India.

The Sanskaari Sass by Ruchika Agarwal

Produced by Ruchika Agarwal, the goal of this podcast and its website is to highlight different voices and spread awareness of feminism and feminist philosophy. It hosts a range of urban Indian women and sassy guests for intimate conversations about feminism, living with, dealing with and unlearning patriarchy, all while keeping it sassy.

The Sanskaari Sass is streaming on Spotify, Anchor FM and RadioPublic.

Desi Outsiders by Ankita and Meenal

Desi Outsider is a podcast by two young Indian women who want to bring meaningful conversations on relationships, dating, education, and feminism into Indian homes.

Meenal was raised in a traditional household abroad, Ankita was raised liberal in India. The conversation clicks and crackles thereon.

Desi Outsiders is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audioboom and SoundCloud.

Chuski Pop by Sweety and Pappu

Chuski Pop is a celebration of desi feminism. Its creators, nicknamed Sweety and Pappu are, as self-proclaimed, “two desi chicks riding the fourth wave of feminism in our salwar kameez and golden heels, while flipping birds to aunties.”

They discuss news, pop culture stories, all things woke, mental health, politics and women’s equations in various popular shows and movies. Their Instagram page is a display of artwork taking a dig at the misogynist undertones of Old Bollywood.

Chuski Pop is streaming on their independent website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Final Thoughts

If you feel you have a loud mouth (or a quiet voice, I won’t volume shame) with lots to talk about and share with the rest of the world, Podcasts are a great option to consider.

Aside from making them, listening to them is already fun enough. Now you know what to blast on your next long metro ride instead of listening to that male rapper’s song about female nether.

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