Mimi Mondal

As part of the Dalit History Month, Sweety and Pappu will be interviewing a very special guest – Hugo award nominated speculative fiction writer Mimi Mondal, she will help us expand our understanding of South Asian Sci-Fi and fantasy fiction, and what it means to be a Punk Dalit girl. Rest assured at the end of this episode you will have considerably lengthened up our reading list, like we just did.

Mimi Mondal is a Dalit writer of speculative fiction and social-justice nonfiction, and the first Hugo Award nominee from India. Her first book, Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler, edited along with Alexandra Pierce, is currently a finalist for the Hugo Awards 2018, and longlisted for the Locus Awards 2018. Between 2017 and 2018, she worked as the Poetry and Reprint Editor of Uncanny Magazine, a twice-Hugo-Award-winning magazine of science fiction and fantasy.

Listen to the episode:

Quotes from the show:

“I’d describe myself as a speculative fiction writer that happens to be Dalit. This representation and acknowledgement is important, especially for young people to see that someone like me can be an artist, because it is considered something we wouldn’t ever do.” – Mimi Mondal

“I grew up with a sense of unanchored shame and inferiority and no one really explained why this was the case. Which is why I think Dalit History Month is doing something very important in educating the public and celebrating our history.” – Mimi Mondal

“I get a little defensive when people talk about classics by white authors in science fiction and fantasy because that movement is still alive and happening, which means the white authors still keep getting recommended. These people get more canonized and more legitimized than non-White authors ever would.” – Mimi Mondal

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