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International Podcast Day: 13 podcasts that you must check out

International Podcast Day: From travel to feminism, government policies and music, here are 13 podcasts that you must check out

It’s International Podcast Day on Wednesday (September 30) and if you have been wondering how to go about it, we have curated a list of podcasts belonging to various genres, hoping you would find one or many that fit your mood and interests.

1. The Michelle Obama Podcast 
If you are one of those who can’t get enough of former First Lady Michelle Obama and her strong and empowering statements, this podcast should be there on your list! The podcast sees Michelle in conversation with family, friends, and colleagues on the relationships in our lives that make us who we are.

Streaming on Spotify

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2. Chuski Pop

A twice-monthly podcast hosted by Sweety and Pappu, who describe themselves as two Indian chicks riding the fourth wave of feminism in our salwar kameez and golden heels, while flipping birds to aunties and bringing you stories from far-away lands and from our own motherland.

Streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher  

3. The Seen and the Unseen

The Seen and the Unseen is a weekly podcast hosted by Amit Varma. It started off looking at the unintended consequences of public policies and then evolved into a deep-dive interview podcast. It has tackled subjects such as the life and thought of Mahatma Gandhi, the Emergency, Hindutva, cricket, Demonetization, the Bangladesh War, Plato, Venezuela, the Harappans and the Me-Too Movement. It’s guests have included Ram Guha, TM Krishna, Manu Pillai, Shashi Tharoor, Tony Joseph, Aakar Patel and Harsha Bhogle.

Streaming on seenunseen.in

4. Racist Sandwich

Food and the ways we consume, create and interpret food can be political. From discussions about racism in food photography to interviews with chefs of colour, podcast hosts Stephanie Kuo and Juan Diego Ramirez hash out a diverse range of topics with humour, grace and little pretension.

Streaming on racistsandwich.com

5. The Musafir Stories

An Indian travel podcast, The Musafir Stories is about exploring our incredible country, which is a melting pot of diverse heritage, culture and religion. It covers everything from picturesque snow-covered mountains to barren deserts, from tropical rain forests to beautiful beaches. Travel enthusiasts not only share their itinerary but also their tricks, hacks and secrets.

Streaming on their website themusafirstories.com

6. Cyrus Says

Comedian Cyrus Broacha has been entertaining us for more than a decade with his unforgettable pranks and unmatched wit. He brings all of that to his podcast Cyrus Says – a light-hearted and entertaining listen where he and his guests talk, sometimes argue about sports, politics, films, traffic, food and almost any other topic that runs through Broacha’s mind that he feels a need to discuss.

Streaming on IVM Podcast

7. Maed in India

India’s first indie music podcast that brings to you the best Indian independent musicians from India and abroad. Each episode presents an interview with an artist/band along with an exclusive stripped-down session or acoustic renditions of their original music. The show prides itself on being the destination for new music, little known stories and unreleased music!

Streaming on Apple Podcasts

8. Indian Noir 

A gritty crime thriller set in India, Indian Noir is a critically acclaimed, chart-topping podcast featuring Indian characters. It is written and voiced by Commonwealth Short Story Prize and DWL Story Prize-winning writer Nikesh Murali. It is currently in its second season and promises a listening experience filled with plot twists, thrills, and action-filled sequences, all while keeping you at the edge of your seat.

Streaming on Spotify and JioSaavn

9. Echoes of India: A History Podcast

Echoes of India is the story of India like you’ve never heard before. Host Anirudh Kanisetti takes you on a journey through its wonders, from the Greek art of Afghanistan to the thriving ports of Tamil Nadu. Along the way, monks debate, queens boast, and armies roar. From philosophy to politics to economics, the past comes back to life – noisy, breathing and as thriving as the Indian subcontinent is today.

Streaming on IVM Podcast


A Telugu podcast by the talented director, actor, writer and producer Puri Jagannadh where he shares thoughts on interesting topics such as wine, stoicism, great minds, and so much more.

Streaming on Spotify

11. Women In Labour

It is a freewheeling, no-holds-barred, comedy podcast that explores taboo topics related to women, work, family, power and everything in between. Hosted by comedian, Aditi Mittal and filmmaker, Christina MacGillivray, Women In Labour asks questions like, ‘Why do women do the most unpaid work in the world?’, ‘What’s stopping us from finding our inner boss?’, ‘Why do we preface our work emails with “I was just wondering…”?’ And the big one: ’What’s keeping us away from India’s workplaces?’

Streaming on Hubhopper

12. Paisa Vaisa

The Paisa Vaisa podcast helps you understand all things money so that you can make well-informed financial decisions. Understand the basics every week as host, Anupam Gupta, talks with experts across a wide spectrum of the banking and financial services industry: CIOs, CEOs, startup founders, bloggers, advisers, even kids – all of them are part of the awesome line up of guests on the show.

Streaming on IVM Podcast

13. Espionage

Not all spies look like James Bond and Ethan Hunt. Most of them look like ordinary people, which makes them all the more dangerous… So what does it really take to be a spy? Every week, Espionage covers a real-life spy mission: the stakes, the deception, the gadgets, and how it changed the course of history. Each two-part series follows one mission of a historic spy, and if they made it out alive.

Streaming on Spotify

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